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November 22, 2012
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Aerobrake: Soubi Himekawa by toychild Aerobrake: Soubi Himekawa by toychild


Name: Soubi Himekawa 薔薇 姫川
Age: 19
Rank: A - King
Team: N/A
Voice: Kaji Yuki ??? Shimono Hiro???
Song: "For your Entertainment" - Adam Lambert [link] (tentative)

Sonia Road ❖ Thorn King

Sonia Road:
"Nitrogen absorption, hyperventilation, flexiblity, and greater mobility out of human capacities are the main principles that would make a rider capable of using the defensive yet destructive Sonia Road. The riders of this road often denote it as "the Road of Torture" for it burdens the body with extreme pressure.

Thorns, or sonicbooms can only be created by breaking the sound barrier. Hyperventilated person will have an ease riding the Sonia Road for they can collect more nitrogen in the air than normal humans. The nitrogen is then transformed into bubble cushions in the indentions between the spinal column giving the rider greater mobility and flexibility. With these abilities, a rider will now be able to create Thorns via continuous-twirling motion, making a pressurized vortex, and fire them as a barrage in high speed in all directions, thus proving it to be defensive, using their AT's shaped like a whip, chain, or long fork. On the contrary, the rider's stamina is of jeopardy for it also creates recoil damage on the body due to the pressure straining the spine. There is only one place mentioned in the storyline known to create a pressurized environment for the Sonia Road riders use their tricks, especially their Infinite Atmosphere, without recoil damage, the Trophaeum Tower . " (air gear wiki)

Though Soubi identifies himself as a male most of the time, he is actually both. As a hermaphrodite, his hips are more like a female's and is capable of using the Sonia Road and the Thorn Regalia. Naturally, he doesn't like activating his regalia much at all and having to go through the painful process.

air treks

They are heels. The heels cause some back issues but strengthen his lower half of his body and leads to greater to buttock and leg shape...I guess. They also help to make him taller.


Normally, very 'chirpy', happy and seemingly flighty except he is slightly pessimistic. He tries to seem optimistic and very inviting, but in reality he has abandonment issues. Though he does his best to keep himself from getting too clingy, when he gets attached, he finds it harder and harder to do; sometimes he accidentally slips his true self out.

He is also very sensitive about people's opinion about him though he may not show it or express or anything.

history/team history

He suddenly showed himself in the AT world not too long ago. Before he came out into the public, he used to fight and do battles in the dark, mostly very hush-hush and with his identity concealed. Rumors were spread about some shorty taking down teams, calling him 'Barabara' because he did leave his enemies ripped up and they could smell roses whenever he was running (sorry, Japanese pun in play). What they didn't know was that he was in training to become the next Thorn King.

He started ATs when he was in middle school. His parents fought all the time and he would stay at a nearby park when things got horrible late into the night. One of those evenings, the original Thorn Queen was passing by and though he was a kid, he fell in love with her. She laughed at him of course because he was maybe 10 and he looked/is partially a girl. They saw each other some times and maybe it was because she took pity on him or something, but she would hang out with him during some of those long nights. ATs were interesting to him because it looked like they could take people anywhere...but he was also interested in her movements. On nights when he was all alone, he would practice 'dancing' which is what he thought she was doing. When he was dancing alone, she saw it and thought maybe he had some potential. Anyway, Soubi began the movement training like that.
After several months, his parents got a divorce and he was left with his mom. At first, things seemed ok and they moved. His mom got a new boyfriend and they got married...but by the time he was in middle school, he was getting forgotten. His mom didn't pay attention to him as much, doting on her baby girl with her new husband and he was lonely. Not having much to do...he traveled back to the park again. He didn't really expect to see the lady anymore, but she did come that night. Exasperated with him and his family, she tells him if he wants to change, he has to change himself, to run and fly by himself. Thinking on it, he goes out and buys himself a pair of ATs using the money he had saved up then went to the lady and begged her to teach him...and though she refused at first, she eventually did and his training began...

The moment he became king was when he beat the lady in a game, one on one. She left the regalia to him and disappeared. At first he was lost, but then decided to go out into 'public' to maybe find her again.




As of right now, he's flying solo


Fruits, sweets, going out, tall people, people in general, cute things, cool things, clothes, shopping


small spaces, being left alone, roses...


。He is actually a hermaphrodite, intersex, has both XX and XY chromosomes, has both ovarian and testicular tissues, ambiguous external sexual organs, or whatever you want to put it.
。something like 5'5"~6" with his ATs so reality something like 5'1" ish?
。one eye is more pink and the other is more purple
。thorn white tattoos...or are they scars?
。Normally he wears kind of unisex clothes, but at times he will dress really girly (including dresses/skirts) or really boyish depending on his mood. But underneath all his clothes, he makes sure to wear nice underwear because he never knows when he'll be forced to battle and he isn't against taking his clothes off to allow better movement

I don't even...
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