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[EA] Magic by toychild
[EA] Magic

trying to figure out his new magical outfit since his old one would be kind of embarrassing to wear at his age

also trying out long hair on himmm
[EA] Cabaret by toychild
[EA] Cabaret

Rain puts on a mermaid show! Though he uses his magic to create the fish and jellyfish and breathing underwater is a magic skill, his talent would be coordinating a (realistic) fish show...and swimming around like a mermaid.

Normal Shaded FB (400)
Simple BG (5)
Event (30)
[EA] Baby Picture by toychild
[EA] Baby Picture

Curly handwriting, courtesy of his mom

Rain grew up in an area that didn't get much snow so he was already 6 when they got enough of it to play with. Too dumb to place the eyes in correctly

Also gotta keep that baby wrapped out in lots of layers and in bright colors lest you lose him somehow

Event 30
Meme 10
Normal shaded Half-body 250
Simple BG 5
total tokens 295
[EA] Event3 by toychild
[EA] Event3

"Warning. Warning. All students and faculty, find shelter immediately. Professor Fairweather has activated 'Raining Hazard'. I repeat. All students and faculty find shelter immediately. This is not a drill."

Isadora...if you think you can get off scot-free for touching my students, I'm afraid you are terribly, terribly wrong.

Rain decides to stay at the academy, but it doesn't mean he's going to let it be easy for her. Of course he would make sure to contact the pursuing members a message to make sure they take some cover before they get accidentally hurt.

Tokens: 350 (half body) + 15 (bg) +30 (event) = 395
[EA] Rain Fairweather Ref Sheet by toychild
[EA] Rain Fairweather Ref Sheet

Phone/Tablet: He crafted it himself. It looks like a slab of glass with a gold binding/border, which he can stretch out and resize.
Star brooch: Eheheheheh, one of the first few metal things he made.
Pocket Watch: His dad gave it to him on his birthday. The front has a moon background, blue liquid and star glitter inside the glass. The clock's face is a glitter dark blue with sections exposed to show the gears (but I didn't draw it).
Tea cup: A gift from his mother and is his absolutely favorite cup. He uses it time to time, but mostly keeps it stored safely.

He likes layers, draping clothes, long clothes...he hates the cold and is ok in the heat. Not the type to wear jeans or anything tight. He sometimes wears short sleeves, but always wears clothes that hides most of this body.

Though the main reason he doesn't show much skin is because he just doesn't like it, it's also to hide the magic scar on his back, which is the result of a magical experiment. Since that one, he's been much more careful and have only got scars and errors he can fix or reverse...
The scar gives off a very dull glow and is actually kind of cool to the touch. When he uses his magic, it lights up.

When he is on school grounds, he tends to brush it back and tidies it, but otherwise he lets it be. There is nothing to set it so it falls however way it does.

3 Shaded Fullbodies 3x400 = 1200
Event 30
Total: 1230
Gino gave ok to use the app FB since I never got points for it

I have no clue how anything else is supposed to be tallied though?

keep me company :iconmingplz:



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Erised D. Sire
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United States
your DJ here calling in for a crash landing.
leave the steering to the professionals
and put your hands together
to pray.

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toychild Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hahaha I actually check dA everyday (a few/several times a day).
ahh I'm ok, feeling a little aimless cause I graduated, but ok for the most part.
Um hmmm I tumblr is where I'm at most, but it's not so reliable. Here, probably, via notes. I haven't used skype in a while because it takes up too much memory


HOW ARE YOU BTW??? Where do you hang?
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