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EA: Voice Actor Meme by toychild
EA: Voice Actor Meme
Mmm Yusa is the one I have for Rain! Yusa Kouji also voiced Yuri Petrov from Tiger&Bunny and Renzou Shima from Ao no Exorcist and Gin Ichimaru from Bleach.

...I think I misunderstood what they meant by "Their Character" > A> I thought you wanted an example of who they voiced.
[Eterna Academia] Rain Fairweather by toychild
[Eterna Academia] Rain Fairweather

[ Basic Information ]

Name: Rain Fairweather

Nickname: Nemo

Date of Birth: October 22

Age: 31

Gender: Agender (he or they preferred)

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 164lb

[ Magical Information ]

Status: Warlock

Occupation: Infused Professor

Dorm: B6

Rank: Rank 1

Magical Ability and their Limitations

Charge: If it runs on electricity, he can run it or recharge it.

He can run things from his own calorie intake (food he ate and absorbed), but because that is using his own body’s reserves, he can only run small things (or larger things for shorter amount of time) without endangering his own life. The other method is using an external source, like an outlet or a battery. He can use the source’s full power if he’s in contact with it, but the farther he gets away from it, the less he can actually draw. Though he’s used to using outlets, he has to be careful with high-voltage sources or else he can electrocute himself and/or others, blow things up, or cause fires.

Attention: He can grab the focus/attention of others and keep it.

He can used this on a mass of people, but the more people there are, the less likely it’ll work. The way this ability works is for him to ‘stare’ at them to grab their attention and then have them look at his eyes to hold their attention. The more loose bonds are broken once he blinks, but if eyes meet and lock, he can hold their attention regardless of if he blinks. How strongly he can hold their attention depends on how close they are (face-to-face vs across the hall) and his concentration. Since he has to keep his eyes on the other, it does lower his guards and limits his own peripheral vision.

Breathe: Allows him to breathe underwater and in low-oxygen environments (like at high elevations)

He cannot breathe in space, there needs to be oxygen present. This doesn’t excuse other physical limitations; he cannot go in really deep waters where the pressures are unbearable to humans. It also means that if he is trapped in an air-tight room, he can last longer than a normal person, but he will suffocate if the oxygen runs out.

Magical Aid: Familiar: Jellyfish?

[ Personal Information ]


+ Open-minded: He does not deny the possibility of anything.

+ Warm: Not like a sunny blue sky, but the feel you get during the 'golden-hour' or when the light beams through rainy skies.

+ Playful: He is always ready to join the students for some fun and games

+ Curious: "How does anything work? If I do something, will the results vary?"

+ Patient: "If you fail, try, try again; I'll wait for you."

- Softy: It's hard to say no to his cute little students and he lets things slide a lot. He is not strict.

- Tease: If there is an opening, he likes to tease and play pranks.

- Passive: In arguments or in decision-making that doesn’t affect him, he tends to stay neutral or out of it.

- Clumsy: If he hasn't planned out what he wants to say, he'll fumble with words and/or talk slowly.

- Unpredictable: There are times he will say or do things that make sense to him, but not to others.


+ Stamina: He can keep at something for hours

+ Dedicated to his work: He likes kids and enjoys teaching a lot

+ Thorough: He tries to not leave any loose-ends


- Directions: He tends to get lost...he’s better with a map, but still can get lost

- Sloven: Though his work is organized and thought out...his desk and room are a mess. Of course he claims to “knows where everything is”.

- Lax: Laidback, he tends to take things slowly.

Likes: Sweets, Cozy(tight?) spaces, storms, technology, children, animals

Dislikes: Bitter or sour things, (spicy is ok), gore/horror, vegetables (especially mushrooms)


Rain's parents are non-magic users. His mother was a chemical engineer and his father was a mechanical engineer. Ever since he was little, he was exposed to all sorts of fun little projects that helped him learn how things worked and why things were the way they were.
It wasn’t until he was in grade school that he showed any signs of magical abilities. It started out with small things like, if he rubbed any electronics, he could give batteries extra juice or flickering the lights. The signs were ambiguous and no one thought that Rain had anything to do with it.
When Rain did discover his abilities, he didn't tell anyone because he wasn't entirely sure what he could do or how to describe them. His parents only discovered it after he got into an accident while he was experimenting with his abilities and he tried to explain to them what happened and why. They were a bit doubtful at first, but believed him once he could show them what he could do. It was strange for them, but rather than be creeped out, they were more scared of him hurting or killing himself or others with it.
With puberty, his powers became more unstable and that was the time he started wishing and hoping for a place to learn about his abilities and how to control them. Luckily, an invitation came to him.

He spent years learning at the academia and though he planned on returning to his parents...there was too much to be learned in Eterna. His interests laid everywhere, but he did focus on the harmony of technology and magic, to understand and learn the possibilities the combination held for everyone.

Rain was a researcher before he became a professor at Eterna Academia. He still does research and experiments in his spare time.

[ Relationship Information ]

Orientation: sexually attracted to people he’s romantically involved with, otherwise no

Status: Single

Significant Other: none

Current Attraction[s]: none at the moment

Interests: He likes people that he can talk to about the world and everything, so people with knowledge/passion about something.


Mother: He misses her baking a lot and her warm hugs.
Father: He misses listening to his explain things and making stuff with him.


Key: [Name / Gender] " Explanation of feelings towards character. "

( List relationships here. )

[ Additional Information ]

He keeps his head wrapped because he's a little worried that the large scar on his head (from the accident as a kid) would scare his students.
Though his ability burns calories, he still exercises to maintain his weight/image and STILL eat a lot of sweets.
He likes skirts and leggings because they are comfortable and easy to put on.
The jellyfish familiar likes to tie its own tentacles???

RP Style:
Chat, Lit-Script, Paragraph, comment, notes

Valthorth by toychild
Part of an art trade with ":iconsepulcralis:
I haven't drawn Kel in his ginjinka/true form in full CG so here we go!

kdjglkdjslgja ahhhhh

I haven't posted much since I don't really draw all that much anymore (time and energy and work) and when I do, I don't think it's worth putting/posting it here...I mainly post on
I turned 23 last week so that was semi-exciting. It's getting cold here so I have to bundle up. idk.


I miss RP groups and my RP friends tho


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